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Egypt Travel Planner

Be Preparedtrip
Before you embark on your Egypt travel plans it is best if you can read up on the culture of the country, as it is rather unique. Many travelers, who have visited the majority of the world’s countries, find that their “I’ve been everywhere so know all there is to know” attitude takes an enormous blow once they arrive here. Why, well let us see if we can explain.

Egypt is an Islamic country, though about 15-20% of the population is non-Muslim, with Coptic Christians making up the majority. Throughout the world Muslims are regarded as people who do not drink alcohol and are virtual non-smokers … until you come to Egypt. Not only is alcohol tolerated here, not only is it, reasonably, easy to purchase, you will often find yourself in the company of a Muslim who is enjoying a beer and a cigarette; often finishing them in enough time to go and pray in the local Mosque.


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